Commercially Available Product Handling

While Handling typically applies only to Compounded Medications, you do have the ability to set a Handling charge for additional items in your catalog, as well. Navigate to "Settings" and then "Manage Catalog" to view your current settings.

Select "Edit" at the bottom of the box titled "Commercially Available Product Handling" to adjust your default settings.



Here you will have the ability to set a series of rules. Add a default handling, to apply to all non-compounded items in the catalog, using the box at the top. Or, use the selections at the bottom to set brand or category-specific charges.



The brand and product-specific rules will override the default on applicable products. For products that fall under multiple categories, rules at the top of the list will take priority over rules below. You can adjust the priority of these rules using the arrows to the right of each line.

Using the settings shown in the image above, Handling would be applied to the following products as so:



Please note that Handling is visible to the client at checkout as a separate line item:



If you would like to set a markup that is not visible to the client, please see Setting Individual Prices or call Practice Support to adjust by category.