Manufacturer-Specific Exclusions in Catalog

For one reason or another, there may be certain manufacturers whose products you do not want to sell. Rather than removing these products one by one, you have an easy way to remove them at the manufacturer-level.

Your currently set manufacturer exclusions can be viewed on the Manage Catalog Default Settings page.

To add or remove a manufacturer from this list, select the "Edit" button to open the edit page.



From here, click the gray box to bring up an alphabetical list of manufacturers. Scroll to find the one you are looking for and click to select. Once selected, the manufacturer will be highlighted in gray. Continue selecting as many as you need. When you're done, click away from the list to return to the page.

All products manufactured by companies on this list will be excluded from your catalog, unless you have individually added certain SKUs back in.

If you'd like to remove a manufacturer already listed, simply click the "x" next to its name.


Once you are happy with your settings, select "Update" to save.