Manage AutoShip for Client

Through Assisted Service Mode, you have the ability to "impersonate" your client on the storefront. While impersonating, you can help them checkout, update their settings, or manage their AutoShip orders.

To view or make changes to a client's Autoship orders, open the the client's record in your Covetrus prescription management platform.

From the client record, go to the "Information" tab and select "Help Client".



This will open a new tab with your client's Account Overview on the storefront. From here, select "Manage AutoShip" to view current and past AutoShipped orders.



Here you will see a list of all current and past AutoShip orders, along with each's current status. Active orders will list all details, including next order date and delivery spacing.

To make changes, select "Edit" or "Reactivate".



Edit your next order date or choose when you'd like it to ship next, then set the timing between deliveries and hit "Save".