Your Recommendations Widget

Not every pet or horse owner will leave your care with the products they need in hand. To ensure compliance for those who leave empty handed, make sure to put a prescription on file through your online store that they can fill at home.

Through your Covetrus platform, you now have an easy widget to track these recommendations and keep you moving forward towards your goal.



The widget shows you a rolling five week count of total recommendations written by your practice. Your goal is calculated incrementally based on past performance, adding an achievable extra ten each week.

You can use the "Create Rx" button to help you towards your goal, writing recommendations for:

  • Refills Needed
  • Faxes from Outside Pharmacies
  • Un-purchased Products
  • Special Order Needs

You can find your goal number for the week on the right hand side of the widget. When the far right bar extends above the line, you've reached your goal!



Note: If you do not see the widget when logged into the platform, please try zooming out or increasing your browser window size.