Create a New Prescription (ScriptConnect Mobile App)

This article will help you create a new prescription through the ScriptConnect mobile app. If you were looking for how to create through your desktop computer, please see "Create a New Prescription" instead.


Being proactive about prescribing helps ensure that your clients purchase medication from you.

When a client leaves your practice without purchasing what they need, or the client needs something you don't carry in house or on the truck, use the platform to send a digital prescription to your client that they can order from later. Once you write the prescription, the client will receive an email and can click to order from your online store. The platform will provide you with visibility into whether or not they complied.

Let's begin.

At the bottom of the feed on your ScriptConnect mobile app, select "Create" to begin a new prescription.


Search for the client using the search bar at the top. If you are unable to find the client, you can add them manually by clicking on the Mobile_Search_Patient_Client.png button to the right of the search bar. If you have a software system that communicates with Covetrus, you will be able to initiate a search and import the client from your software.

Once you select the client, select the patient you'd like to prescribe for from the provided list, or select "+" to add one new.



Search for the product you would like to prescribe. Once found, select the "+Rx" to begin your prescription. 



Some fields may default based on patient weight and product details. Please review all details and select or change product strength, package size, units per fill, refills, and directions where needed. 



When adding directions, you will see a list of any Sig Shortcuts you have saved. If the shortcut you need is not listed, select the "+" to add new directions.

To save your new directions as a Sig Shortcut available for future use, toggle the switch to the right and hit "Save".



Review the final details and, when ready, scroll to the bottom and hit "Authorize" to complete the prescription.