Purchase Order for In-Clinic Use Ordering

Update 1/24/19: Due to changes in regulations, this has now been enabled for practices in Massachusetts and Minnesota, as well.

Recent rule changes by the State of California require that in-clinic use of compounded preparations and medications need to be managed through a purchase order or other written documentation. (See specifically, Section 1735.2 in Article 4.5 of Division 17 of Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations).

Covetrus has integrated the collection of this information into our platform. When you place an order online and are shipping into California, we will prompt you to enter this information. Gone are the days of having to faxing over a Purchase Order to simply reorder!

After entering your payment details, you will be taken to a review screen for additional information.



This screen will list each of the items in your order. For each item, please supply:

  • Estimated Units per Patient
  • Number of Patients this will Treat
  • Reason for In-Clinic dispensing, including typical diagnosis and medical reason for having in-clinic. (i.e. Not available commercially. Administered for pain relief as part of pre-surgery protocol OR Commercially available product is not palatable. Patients with diarrhea cannot leave the office without medication.)

Some items will pre-fill based on your Covetrus set up. If needed, you can make adjustments before continuing to Order Review.