Activate or Deactivate a Client

When a patient or client leaves the practice, you will need to deactivate them within your Covetrus platform. Doing this will automatically stop them from receiving any additional prescription reminders and will cancel any active AutoShipments they have scheduled.

To make a client inactive, search for and select the client using the search bar at the top of the page. 



Once the client card is open, go to the "Information" tab, found just below his or her name and email address.

NOTE: You are able to adjust the status of an individual patient as well. If this is what you are looking to do, please see here instead.



On the information tab, you will see two cards: Contact and Details. The current status (active or inactive) will display at the bottom of the details card. To change, click "Edit."



Click the "Client Active" toggle to flip the switch. If the circle is next to "No," the client is now inactive. Click "Update" when you are ready to save.



Inactive clients will no longer appear in the drop down when you search their name. If you would like to view this client again, select "More clients matching" from the search options.



This will bring you to a complete list of search results, where you will see a toggle that allows you to choose if inactive clients are shown. When shown, inactive clients will have "(Inactive)" at the end of their name.



To re-activate a client, select the client and follow the same process as above.