Renew Widget


Do you have clients who wait until the last minute to refill? Are there some who call you with urgent requests for medication, but don't have time to come in for the necessary services beforehand?

What if you could identify those clients in advance, bring them in for their appointment, and provide them with the refills they need, all before a lapse in therapy? Through your Covetrus platform, you can.

On your Covetrus homepage, you will see all potentially renewable prescriptions for your practice. These are prescriptions that have expired and are coming due for a refill within the next 30 days. Managing these items proactively will allow you the time you need to contact the client and schedule a recheck to continue therapy.


These expired scripts show up in your Task Feed as a Renew Feed Item. To identify which items are renewables, look for the word 'Renew' or use the Filter bar to show only certain items.

You will also see a Revenue Opportunity Widget to the right of your feed. This shows you the total revenue potential if your renewals convert into product sales or services.* Select "Process Renewals" to expand the dashboard.

To help with your workflow, we have broken the total into three categories.

  • Products on AutoShip: There is an active AutoShip for this product. These are your most likely prescriptions to convert. If these clients need services, make sure to get them in early so there are no interruptions or delays.
  • Purchased All Fills: These clients purchased all fills you allowed them on their last prescription. These are your next most likely to convert.
  • Fills Remained: These clients purchased some of the fills allowed on their script, but did not buy the full quantity allowed.



As you renew or remove the items in your feed, the totals on your dashboard widget will update to reflect what's left.


Additional Notes:

  • If you do not see the Revenue Opportunity widget and you have renewal items available, the window may be too small. Try increasing the size of your browsing window or zooming out.
  • Short term medications (less than 7 day supply) do not appear in the renewal feed.


*The product total is calculated based on the last item ordered under the prior prescription. The service total is based on information from the AVMA where they quoted the average estimated medical cost per animal per year at $227 for dog owners. Numbers shown reflect 100% script issuance and conversion.