Compound Handling

Regulations restrict the markup of compound medications, but they allow a fee to cover administrative costs. To cover your credit card charges and the time you take to manage compound prescriptions, apply Compound Handling.

This is a global setting for all compound medications in your catalog.  You can set a percentage (based off the client retail price) and/or flat dollar amount. Our recommended "best practice" is to use 3% + $10.

Your client will see the charge as a single line item:




Navigate to "Settings" and then "Manage Catalog" to view your current Compound Handling. Select "Edit" to make changes.



The percentage is multiplied by the Total Client Price for each compounded item at checkout. The flat dollar amount is assessed once per line item. Therefore, if you order multiple quantities of the same item the percentage would be applied to all, but the flat fee would only be assessed once.



Once you are happy with your settings, select "Update" to save.