Authorizing Veterinary-Exclusive OTC Products

Some over-the-counter products, such as therapeutic diets and supplements, require authorization prior to patient use.


Veterinary-exclusive over-the-counter (AOTC) products, particularly therapeutic diets and supplements, require your approval before they can be shipped to your clients. These OTC products are not prescriptions and therefore, don’t receive prescription labels prior to shipment. You are simply confirming your Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR) and authorizing the patient’s ability to have this product.

You can quickly validate the product is appropriate for the patient. Yet, you have the flexibility to limit to a strength and set a date to expire the authorization.  Use the Notes to Client field to indicate any special details. 

When a client places an order for one of these Veterinary-Exclusive OTC products, we will generate a pending request for your approval.  Simply review and Approve the request to complete the order.  

You can pre-authorize these products by creating a new authorization ahead of an order.  Simply start the create flow and enter the details as shown.  The standard email notifications will be sent to the client.




  • Will these authorizations Writeback into my system?
    • YES!  As long as you are set-up, these will Writeback as all other orders and authorizations do.
  • How will I manage refill/renew compliance?
    • The Covetrus platform is designed to help you with this.  We automatically reach out to your clients to make a repurchase when time to refill.  You can also use the expiration date to drive a renew event that will prompt you to re-authorize.
  • How do these show to my client?
    • These will show to your client as a Veterinary Recommendation and that approval is required to ship the product (similar to an Rx item).
  • I need the client to see information about proper dosing, how do I do this?
    • When authorizing, enter in a Note to Client.  This will be emailed to the client.
  • I shouldn’t have to approve OTC products, why the change?
    • While these are OTC products, we agree with the manufacturer that there should be an approval step to ensure patient safety.  
  • I thought these diets were prescription diets.  Why don't I need to write a prescription?
    • While the products may be branded as prescription diets, they don't actually require a prescription or pharmacy oversight.
  • Can I add other OTC products to require this approval step?
    • We work closely with the manufacturers to set an OTC product up for requiring approval.  While you do not have the direct ability to classify products, feel free to reach out to us and we can bring it up with the manufacturer.