Renew Expired Prescriptions

Continue the Rx Management Lifecycle and drive service revenue

The average practice has more than 40 expired prescriptions ready to renew in their Covetrus platform. Recently, one Covetrus practice that had accumulated more than 400 renewable prescriptions worked their way through the list to schedule exams and "Renew." The next month they generated an additional $8,000 in retail revenue from medications (and additional revenue from exams)!

So what are renewable prescriptions?

When a prior prescription has expired, we will notify you 30 days before the patient is due for therapy again.  This allows you time to contact the client and schedule a recheck to continue therapy. These expired scripts show up in your Task Feed as a Renew Feed Item. To identify which items are renewables, look for the word "Renew" to the left of the client's name or use the Filter bar to filter everything else out.



When you're ready to take action, click anywhere on the feed item to expand the prescription.

Based on your permissions, you can Renew or Remove. If the client no longer needs the product, you can Remove.

Renew will expand the product card where you can review the prior prescription details, which will be pre-filled with the item they ordered before. If you need to change anything, you can make any edits by clicking the pencil icon.

If you see a prescription that is not ready to be re-authorized, use the workflow status to indicate where in the process it falls. If an item is green and says "Action Needed," nobody has taken any action on this prescription yet.

If the prescription details look good, click "Authorize" to generate the prescription. Your client will receive an email notification sent on behalf of your practice momentarily, which will direct them to purchase this product on your store.



NOTE: Selecting "Exam Needed" or "Client Contacted" will not initiate any outreach to your client, so make sure to reach out to the client to schedule the exam as well. Taking action and marking appropriately will make help ensure the client is notified in time and  also that you and your coworkers aren't researching the same items twice!