Create a New Prescription

Being proactive about prescribing helps ensure that your clients purchase medication from you. 

There are many instances where a client leaves the office without purchasing product. In these instances, use the platform to send a digital prescription to your client that they can order from later. Once you write the prescription, the client will receive an email and can click to order from your online store. The platform will provide you with visibility into whether or not they complied.

Let's begin.

Search for the client using the search bar at the top. If you are unable to find the client, you can add them manually by clicking on the orange "+" button. If you have a software system that communicates with Covetrus, you will be able to initiate a search and import the client from your software.



Once you have the client selected, select the relevant patient by clicking his or her name or typing it next to the client name in the search bar above.



To select a product, continue typing in the search bar or click the "+" button at the bottom of the page.



For many products, the strength will default based on the weight of the animal. If you need to adjust anything, you can do so using the drop-down forms.

The "Qty Authorized Per Fill" indicates how much product they can purchase at any one time. You can also authorize refills using the dropdown just below.

Finally, add your directions by typing them manually into the "Directions" field or using a SIG Shortcut.



Once you have confirmed the information and added your directions, you can add any notes to the Pharmacy or Client. These will stay with the prescription until it expires.

When you're ready, select the Authorizing Veterinarian and click the blue "Authorize" button to prescribe! Your client will receive an email notification sent on behalf of your practice momentarily, which will direct them to purchase this product on your store.