Manage Your Renewables in Classic

The average practice has more than 40 expired prescriptions ready to renew in their Vets First Choice platform. Active practices have more than 100. 

What to do?  

With our newest upgrade, we've made it very easy for you to manage the workflow of these prescriptions before your client runs out of therapy.  Here's how:

  • From your desktop or iPhone, go to the "Renewable Prescriptions" tab
  • Review each patient and medication and indicate either:
    • Under Review
    • Exam Needed
    • Client Contacted
    • Exam Scheduled*
    • When ready, simply click "Renew"

That's it.

*Keep in mind that changing the Workflow Status does not send a message to your client. They will only be contacted if you renew the prescription.

We recently reached out to one Vets First Choice practice that had accumulated more than 400 renewable prescriptions. The team immediately worked their way through the list to schedule exams and "Renew." The next month they generated an additional $8,000 in retail revenue from medications (additional revenue came from the exams).  

Here's a quick tutorial on using your Renewable Prescriptions tab.