Custom Reports

When you are in need of information outside of our standard monthly report cycle, use the custom report feature to gather data on orders processed through your online store.  

1) Start off by entering the date range you are looking for.  This will pull based on the day the order was shipped.

2) Next, determine the information you need in the report:

  • Order -- Generates order level summary information including: sales tax, discounts, and shipping.
  • Product -- Generates detailed information on products purchased including: prescription, user, and patient details.

You can generate both at the same time by checking both boxes.

3) Finally, enter the email address you want notified at when the report is ready and push the "generate" button.

You will receive an email when the report is ready.  Generated reports will also be available in the "Saved Custom Reports" section of the custom reports tab for 30 days.  Use the refresh button to update the list. 

Use the data organizer template to summarize and provide visuals of your data.


Please note: Custom reports are not reconciled. For financially-reconciled data please go to the “Standard Monthly” reports tab.

As with all reports, only users with the Practice Admin Administrator role can generate or access custom reports.