Custom Reports Templates

  1. Follow the instructions outlined HERE to request and download your Custom Reports.
  2. Download the Order History Export Template by clicking the link below. Please note the current template only works with Excel 2013 or newer.
  3. Open your reports and the template in Microsoft Excel. When opening the Order History Export Template file, you may be prompted to “Enable Editing," and then "Enable Content." Please do so to ensure proper functionality.

  4. Once the Template file is opened and macros are enabled, notice the three bright yellow tabs along the bottom. These are the three sheets that you’ll use to load your data into the template.
  5. The first yellow tab is called “1-Paste Product Report HERE”. This is where you’ll put the product data. Open your Product Detail report and Select All Data. The easiest way to do that is to push the button in the top left corner of the spreadsheet, above row 1 and left of column A.

    Copy your selection and switch back to the Order History Report Template. Select cell A1 in the “1-Paste Product Report HERE” tab (it’s also highlighted in bright yellow), and Paste.
  6. You’ll repeat the same process for your Order Summary report. Open your Order Summary report and Select All Data. Copy your selection and switch back to the Template. Select cell A1 in the “2-Paste Order Report HERE” tab, (it’s also highlighted in bright yellow), and Paste.
  7. Now that your data is pasted into the Template, you’re ready for the last step. You can close your downloaded reports, and just keep the Template open. In the Template file, navigate to the third yellow tab labeled “Push the Button located HERE”. You’ll notice a large gray button in the top left that says “PUSH ME”. Go ahead, push it! Depending on the amount of data in your reports, it may take up to 1 minute for the macro to process.
  8. When the Macro is done running, you will be brought to the “My Product History Summary” tab, which is a summary of all of the Product Detail information. You can still get back to the raw data if you go back to the yellow tabs.

Also be sure to check out the My Orders and Taxes Summary tab which summarizes information in the same format as the transaction detail report you are used to getting in your standard monthly reports. 

We welcome your feedback about the Custom Reports feature. Your feedback will help guide further development of reporting capabilities.  Tell us what you think!