Permissions To Approve Prescriptions

You may notice when you go to approve a prescription that you are able to act on some, but not others. This is because each veterinarian is able to assign specific delegates who are able to act on his or her behalf. Your account is only allowed to approve prescriptions if you are the prescribing veterinarian or an authorized delegate of that veterinarian. 

Task feed items you are unable to act on will be grayed out. To show only items you can process, select “Show Only My Items.” 



Any user may be set as a delegate, but only a veterinarian can choose who has the ability to prescribe on his or her behalf. To adjust your settings, click on your initials in the upper right corner and then “My Account.” 

Within your account, you will see a list of your current delegates. Click “Edit” at the bottom of that “Authorized Delegates” box. 



From here, you have two options for managing your delegates. If there are certain users you would like to give permission and certain users you would not, use the checkboxes to manage each user’s rights individually.  

If you would like all practice users to be able to act on your behalf, toggle “All Users are Delegates for This Vet” to “Yes.” This will set up all current practice users, as well as any future users added to the practice, with delegation rights for you. 



Once set up according to your preferences, select “Update” to save.