Custom Pricing

When placing an order for a client, you can give them a custom price on products within their Cart.

Once all items have been added to the cart, click on the link “Set custom price” below each line’s total amount for the items you wish to change.  The window expands to show the breakdown and limitations of changing the price.  There are 2 examples shown below-- one for multiple quantities of a counted item, and one for a packaged item.

Use caution when lowering the markup amount as it can cause you to lose money on the order. See below. 

You need to make sure that you are covering this fee, and approximately 3% more to cover the credit card fees.

Notice in this example, this is for 60 counted tablets.  The price shown is for 1 tablet, that must be multiplied by 60 to give the final price.

Once you find the price you want, click on the “Apply” button to have that price charged for 60 counted tablets  for THIS ORDER ONLY.  This special price will not automatically apply to refills.  Discounted pricing is only for one order. 

Similarly, you can change the retail price.  In the example below, the current retail price is $64.95.  If you want to set the price to $60.00, you can type in the numbers into the “Retail Price” box.

The markup amount, and profit amounts automatically change.  Once you click “Apply”, that price will stick for this order only. 

You can also add an Rx Fee (or reduce if one is present), but please remember that the Rx Fee is a visible, separate line item to your client. Also, note that you can not set a custom price for a compounded item.


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