Sales Tax

Paying Sales Tax on the products sold through your online platform is ultimately the responsibility of the practice and practice owner(s).

To make this process as easy as possible, VFC will provide a monthly sales tax report* by the 10th business day of each month. This report will assist with the reporting and remittance of your platforms’ sales tax collection in the state in which your practice operates.

You will find a summary of total sales and taxes due by jurisdiction on the first page of your report. The dollar amount in the bottom right corner will let you know the amount owed to the state.



If you need more granular detail, the same information is broken out by individual order on subsequent pages.



*Vets First Choice relies on the latest tax information to determine if transactions are subject to sales or use tax, however tax legislation and rates are constantly being updated. Vets First Choice is not authorized to give tax advice and we encourage practices with sales tax questions to consult a professional tax advisor, accountant, or local tax authority prior to their Vets First Choice platform deployment and use.