Performance Update

This report gives several views of how your store is performing over time:

  • The first is a revenue trending graph that shows your monthly retail revenues in comparison to the previous year: 
  • Next is a chart of the current month compared to last year same month, and a year-to-date versus the previous year-to-date of revenues, profits, and orders:
  • The next is a chart and graph combination of the 12 Month Rolling Store Buyers Trend, showing you how many new buyers and how many repeat buyers are using your store. A low number of new buyers may indicate that you need to improve marketing efforts to your clients.
  • The last 2 items on this report have to do with the specific products. On the top half is a pie chart that shows the category portions of your sales over a rolling 12 month period, broken down into packaged Rx items, Diets, OTC products, Compounded products, and Individually counted pill rx items.  The bottom half shows your top 10 products by revenue on a rolling 12 month cycle.  It indicates the number of orders, the number of buyers, the amount of revenue generated as a result, and what percent of your total revenue is contributed by that product.