Transaction Detail Report

The Transaction Detail Report consolidates all transactional information about each product ordered in one location. It allows you to see the breakdown of the charge to your client, the costs to the practice, and your resulting profit.

On the first page, you're given a summary of all transactions for the prior month. This summary will mirror that of the Settlement Report.

Your Net Total After Taxes (Profit) is calculated by subtracting your Practice Costs and Retail Tax Liability from your Client Charges.



On subsequent pages you will see each transaction broken out into the same categories as on the summary page. With this report, you can see quickly if clients' used a coupon, if they paid Handling, the cost of the product to both the client and the practice, and your resulting profit.

Coupons and promotions are funded by Covetrus and/or manufacturers and have no impact on your Practice Net.



This report is great for additional insight into the breakdown of each order, but is not ideal for balancing your checking account. For assistance with end of month reconciliation for Individual Merchant Account (IMA) set ups, please see your Settlement Report.