Home Page Items

  • You can select what items you want to appear on your store’s landing page. These products are the first products your clients will see when they visit your store. Products will appear in alphabetical order.

  • You can select up to 20 items to appear on your homepage. 

  • You manage this by clicking on “Manage Catalog” from your home screen. 

  • Type in the item you are interested in, then click on “Search” to the right hand side of the search box.  In the example below, notice the box is checked off for “On Home Page” for all the Heartgard items except for the regular Heartgard Dog Chews.

  • Simply check the box if you want the item on your home page, or uncheck it if you do not want the item on your home page.
  • Note: Some items may appear on the More Products tab. In this tab check the box next to the item you want to be on the home page, check the box for “On Home Page”, then click on “Apply”.
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