About the CAREcabinet

The CAREcabinet within Practice Admin is where recommended products, active, requested, expired, and renewable prescriptions are located.  When a client sees their CAREcabinet, they only see active and recommended items.

From the Home screen, click on either the “Rx Management” or “Create New Rx/Place Order” tabs.  Select a client.  Their CAREcabinet displays at the bottom half of the screen.  Here is an example of what the CAREcabinet looks like.  Notice that there is a LOT of information here, so we will break it down into parts.

Notice that there is a LOT of information here, so we will break it down into parts, starting from the left.

  1. Pet: This field is sorted alphabetically, but the order can be changed by clicking on the triangle to the right of the word “Pet”.  Any of the fields within this title bar have the ability to change the sort order:
  2. The next column simply tells whether the item requires a prescription or not.  If blank, it does not require a prescription.
  3. The name and strength of the product is next.
  4. The package quantity field is the next column. When writing the prescription, if you choose practice specified that quantity will appear. If it has an orange “Select” button, This indicates that client choice was selected as the package quantity.
  5. Similarly, flavor works the same way.  For items that are not compounded, or for compounded products that are not flavored, they will be blank.  In the scripting process, if the flavor was specified, it will display in the grid, if it is the client’s choice, it will display the orange “Select” button.
  6. Qty Auth’d is the total number allowed per fill of the product.

  7. Fills Remain. Until a product is actually ordered, the fills that remain will be 1 more than the number of refills authorized, since the first fill has not yet occurred. If there is a plus sign next to a number in this column, it means a partial fill remains. Example: The practice authorizes up to 100 with 2 refills, but the client only gets 30 with the first fill.  The refills will display as 2+, since there are 2 full refills of 100 remaining, and a partial.

  8. The first part of the directions display due to space constraints.  If you see 3 periods at the last visible part of the directions, it means there is more, and you can hover over the directions to see the full instructions.

  9. The next column provides a link to view product and prescription information.

  10. The next column is Status.  There are 5 statuses that you may see here:

    • Active: The item has had an order placed on it, and is within the expiration date, and refills have not been exhausted.
    • Recommended: The item has not had an order placed against it, but it is still within the expiration date
    • Pending: The pet owner has requested this item, and action must be taken by your practice.
    • Expired Date: The initial expiration date set for the prescription has passed (regardless of whether an order was placed on it or not)
    • Expired Quantity: The number of refills originally indicated have been used up.
  11. Last Order indicates when that product was last ordered, if at all.  If blank, the product has not been ordered.
  12. The next column are action items, and the are color coded:
    • Blue: indicates an action that the practice needs to do. Either “Renew” the prescription for expired date or expired quantity prescriptions, or “Approve” the prescription for pending requests.
    • Grey: If the “Add” button is grey, it means that there is something preventing this item from being added to the cart.  Usually, the flavor or package quantity must be selected.
    • Clicking on an orange “Add” button adds the item to the cart, which then allows you to checkout on behalf of a client, or leave the item in the cart for them.
  13. The last column is “Remove/Decline”.  This is used to remove an item from the CAREcabinet completely, or decline a renewable or pending request.  Simply click on the “x” button to remove that line item.
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