Writing Pre-Authorized Rx/ Recommendations


Proactive Rx - vetsfirstchoice

  • From the home screen, you can start to write a new prescription by either clicking on the orange Rx button or the Rx Management tab.

  • Start by searching for the client in the Select a Client drop-down. If you cannot find your client, click the + New Client button and fill out their information. If you have a software system that communicates with Vets First Choice, you will be able to initiate a search and import the client from your software after clicking + New Client, as opposed to manually filling in their information. Once you have selected or added the client, click on the green “Create New Rx” button.

  • The next page will bring up the client and pet details and your prescription options. Use the product search box to find your product and select the strength.

  • Packaged Quantity: You can specify a certain quantity or package size by selecting Practice Specified and choosing a package size, or let the client choose by selecting Client Choice and typing in the maximum amount they are authorized for. 

  • Next, you will fill in the client’s instructions for use.  You can type in exactly what you want, or use a SIG shortcut.

  • Next, enter the number of refills authorized. You can change the expiration date if necessary (it defaults to 1 year).


  • Check the box to add your e-signature and verify your prescription.
  • Click authorize to finish.Authorize_Button.JPG
  • Your client will receive an email notification sent on behalf of your practice momentarily, which will provide a link to the checkout screen for this product on your store.


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