Managing Delegates

Delegation rights allow additional users the ability to approve pending prescriptions on a veterinarian's behalf. All veterinarians must approve pending prescriptions on their account unless an authorized delegate is assigned.

Delegates may be assigned for multiple veterinarians and veterinarians may have multiple delegates. Even other veterinarians may be setup as delegates.

Delegation rights for a user must be setup on each veterinarian's account if multiple veterinarians exist. They can be set under the “My Account” tab of each prescribing veterinarian’s account.

On the lower left hand side, you will see who is available to be a delegate for you.  Simply double click on their name or drag the name over from “Available” to “Selected”.  This is your list of people allowed to approve prescriptions on your behalf.  If you want to remove someone from “Selected”, either double click on them or drag them back to “Available”.  Make sure to “Save” your selections when completed (lower left corner).