Compound Configurator

Compounded medications are, by nature, custom. While this is great for offering many choices for each specific patient, it means the prescriber is often presented with an overwhelming number of options to prescribe.

Thankfully, users now have a tool to help easily sort and evaluate those options – the compound configurator.

To use the configurator, first start by searching for an active product ingredient. Users can do this as part of a prescription, or just search for the medication directly.



If a client and patient has already been selected, the selection of a product will land the user on the script pad. When you search for the product on its own, you are directed to the Product Details.

From here, select the "Compound Options" tab to access the configurator and compare all options.



By default, the configurator will show you the widest range of strengths and flavors available. Simply choose one or more forms to display results.

To filter the results, decrease the strength range or select one or more flavors. Selecting “all available” flavors will reduce the results to only show forms with flavored options.



As you engage with the filters, the system will dynamically respond to let you know what is or is not available with those parameters. For example, if you select "Chicken" as a flavor, then the option for "Soft Chews" may remain active while "Transdermal Syringes" is grayed out.

Once you are happy with the criteria you’ve chosen, you can compare the results below. Click anywhere on a row to expand to show temperature sensitivity and flavors, as well as pricing by quantity.



Once a preferred option is chosen, select "Create Rx" to load that product to the Script tab for you to complete your work.