Compound Configurator

Compounded medications are, by nature, custom.  While this is great for offering many choices for each specific patient, it makes it challenging to ensure you have access to all the information needed to make the best choice.  We have normalized our compound formulary to allow you to compare APIs (active product ingredients) across strengths and dose forms with our configurator.


When prescribing a compounded medication, you will be directed to the Configure tab to make selections for the final product you want to prescribe.  From here, you can filter by a normalized product strength range to see what dosage forms are available.  You can filter again to remove dosage forms.  The compare section allows you to quickly see what is available for each strength.  Expanding the strength section shows you the differences between the dosage forms when it comes to shelf life and the client pricing.  Once you find the form you are looking for, expand again to see the pricing breakdown by package quantity.  Selecting the +Rx button will load that product to the Script tab for you to complete your work.